Almanac is intentionally built small so we can flex to your project and keep your overhead down. From Icons to Challengers we are built to flex to the project or the client. We have experience with both challengers and icon brands and survive because we are resourceful. Having been through the doors of a variety of other shops –
both big and small –  we realized that there is a lot of mediocrity, complacency,
and lost opportunities out there — we wanted better.

independent contractor

Almanac can join your team and help your shop to bring a different point-of-view
to you already talented team. We have led in-house and agency teams and know
how to provide Design Direction to get the project done.

small independent design studio

Built as a small shop we may be all you need as a small business to get your product on shelf. Working with our wide network of strategists, designers, illustrators and photographers every project is built with a team that is tuned to answer the creative brief and strategy developed.

We work best when we have high contact and high accountability with our clients.
Our best environment is one where we are working hand-in-hand with our clients on the small details AND the bigger strategy.


TRIBECA NYC  •  917 409 0665